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The Focus of Our Mission

The mentorship model, unique to Vet 2 Vet Service Dogs, combines trainers with mentors who have completed a service dog program. Together they help the V2VSD Veteran not only train a dog but help them learn what it is like to have a service dog in this world today. The team of Veteran and dog has to pass the Public Access Test to graduate from the program. A graduated team can then go on to earn the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen title if desired. The ultimate goal of our program is for the graduated service dog team to live an independent lifestyle and continue on to mentor Veterans that enter the program after them.


We can help Veterans obtain a referral from a healthcare provider describing a potential benefit from life with a service dog. This means a qualifying medical condition must exist that is likely to improve with program participation. After being assessed for readiness, appropriateness, and the capacity to complete all phases of training, sessions begin where the Veteran needs to demonstrate initiative at all times to remain in the program. Veterans are welcomed into the community setting for education, activities, and necessary support. Upon graduation, they'll be ready to sustain a healthy lifestyle with their service animal.

Dogs for Veterans

Our dogs are assessed beginning at eight weeks for appropriateness for service. Dogs are not permanently matched with a Veteran until the dog and the Veteran are deemed ready by the senior trainer. Although unusual, dogs already owned by Veterans occasionally have the potential for service. These dogs are specifically assessed for this relationship.


Dog skills are taught in stages via a specialized and documented training program. Service dogs must reliably complete tasks that assist the Veteran’s specific medical needs. Dogs are reassessed at various intervals to permit continued service.


Everyone at Vet 2 Vet Service Dogs is a volunteer. Everyone. We're a team working for one goal; to make a difference in the lives of people who have already made a difference in ours by serving our country. We are old and young, working and retired, high-tech and old school, educators, and hard-knocks graduates. We're helping people who want to help themselves. And we're hoping we can count on you to help us do that. Earn more than you ever thought you could by clicking below to join the team.

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