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Service Dogs and Veterans

Vet 2 Vet Service Dogs is an organization created by Veterans, for Veterans.  This is an organization where you don’t have to explain "why"... because your mentor already knows and is ready to take the Service Dog journey with you.
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How Does This Work?
What are the criteria?

As a Veteran, you can apply for a service dog and training at no cost to you. Optionally, we can help you pick an appropriate puppy to self-train using the same mentorship model we use in our regular program. Training and boarding support is available during this process. Evaluating a dog that you already own for their ability to perform as a service dog is also an option. Finally, we offer advanced training for any service dog that has passed the Public Access Test.

There are criteria related to military discharge and current health status you can read about by clicking the link above. Most importantly, you must be committed to meeting with a mentor or trainer at least once a week and then twice a week when paired with your dog. The services that we provide are at no cost to you. We ask you to pay it forward after graduation by mentoring another veteran or doing volunteer work with us.  

Paperwork needed?

After completing the Service Dog Application (see "Next steps") you'll be interviewed by someone on our team. This may be by phone or in person. Once completed, we'll discuss the specific documentation you'll need. Examples of possible documents are on the list available by clicking above.

The next step is to join the team. Please be aware that, depending upon many variables, the process of training and matching a service dog and a Veteran may take 18 months or more. This process begins by clicking on "Apply for a Dog Now!".

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