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Volunteers are our Strength

All of us at Vet 2 Vet Service Dogs are volunteers.
Looking to give a little back to the folks who gave to us? We can help.
Why volunteer?

Pick a reason. We all have our own. Do we have family or friends who served? Some of us do. Is it an overlooked obligation? Perhaps. Mostly, it's a desire to serve in any way we can, doing whatever it is we can do. It doesn't take much to do a little more.

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What's my obligation?

Your obligation will be to do whatever you decide to do, whenever you can do it. We have needs and maybe you can fill them. We would love to find out more about you and your talents... and put them to use in a way that helps you to help us... to help veterans and service dogs. Simple as that. 

Who can be a Volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Young adults, 16-18 years of age can volunteer with the permission of a parent, as well as only volunteer when a parent is present.

A listing of some of our needs can be found by clicking the link above. From there, just complete the online application form.

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