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Mentors, Veterans and Dogs...

Your mentor has been there. You've been there. And your dog will go wherever you need them to go.
Head in Hands
What is a Mentor?

A mentor is the person who took the first step and would like to pay it back by pointing you in the right direction. They've discovered the power of "man's best friend" and are ready to share yet another journey with you and your new friend.

Rocky Outpost
Why a Mentor?

Did you learn more in boot camp or in the field? So did your mentor. Being there is far more important than just hearing about it. Your mentor has been there... and would like to share their service dog experience with someone willing to take the risk.

Conference Crowd
Who can be a Mentor?

Mentors must have served in the military and have experience with a Service Dog lifestyle. You do not need to complete our program to become a mentor.

Drop us a line in the Contact section and one of our mentors will call and tell you all about it.

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